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> > Tarot Grand Belline (Gran Estuche Negro) (FR) (Maestros)

Tarot Grand Belline (Gran Estuche Negro) (FR) (Maestros)
Tarot Grand Belline (Gran Estuche Negro) (FR) (Maestros)
Referencia: 3114523941072

Es una forma de adivinación creada a mediados del siglo XIX por el vidente francés, Edmon quien vivió en París alrededor del 1845. Años más tarde, un vidente de reconocido prestigio, Belline, lo recogió, amplió y lo introdujo en los círculos esotéricos, sentando sus bases como se conoce en este momento. A partir de entonces, tomó el nombre de Oráculo de Belline.

El Oráculo, compuesto por 52 cartas numeradas y una en color azul, puede utilizarse para la resolución de todo tipo de problemas mediante la práctica de la videncia y la clarividencia. Siempre que se aplique correctamente, es claro y rápido. Sus cartas, de dibujos sencillos, tienen similitud con la baraja rusa gitana y con los “cartoncicos” utilizados por la reputada vidente navarra Maritxu Guler.

Sus cartas le encantarán a los profesionales y a los iniciados van a desarrollar la intuición de la persona común y dar acceso al mundo sutil , donde se elaboran nuestros destinos.

Le Grand Tarot Belline GOLD
With Gilded / Gold Edges
Published by Grimaud, Paris

Deck is Brand New and FACTORY SEALED!
French Instructions are included. Translated Documentation can be found under this link: http://www.tarotgarden.com/library/decks/bellinedocumentation.php
See more information below.

Designer(s), Artist(s): Magus Edmond
Country of Publication: France
Number of Cards: 78
Reference: Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. I, p. 237

Description: Reproduction of a deck hand drawn in pen and ink around 1863 by Edmond Billaudot. The deck is a synthesis of Etteilla, Éliphas Leví, and Paul Christian.

Card Size: 4 3/4" x 2 1/2" Inches

In A Wicked Pack of Cards - The Origins of the Occult Tarot by Decker, Depaulis, and Dummett, we learn that Le Grand Tarot Belline is a Tarot deck that was drawn by hand using pen and ink, around 1863 by Edmond Billaudot (1829-1881) (known as Magus Edmond). The decks name comes from Marcel Belline, who discovered the deck, marketed, and sold the printing rights to Grimaud, then donated the originals to the Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires in Paris.

The deck is a wonderful synthesis (IMO) Etteilla, Éliphas Leví, and Paul Christian.

Each card is divided into four sections, upper and lower bands, and upper and lower fields.

The upper band contains Leví`s mundane kabalistic letter for the Majors on the left, the Gematria number, followed by Paul Christian astrological correspondences, and a sequence number (the entire deck is numerically sequenced 0-77).

Red Key-Words are inked on or near the top band, and reversed in the bottom band. These keywords owe their originations from Jeu Du Grand Etteilla.

The main field of the card is the illustration.

The bottom band of the card contains the card name.

The bottom field of the card contains a proverb specific to the card.

The suits are, and progress in the order of: Sceptres, Coupes, Glaives, and Sicles; Kings (Maître) to Valet (L`esclave), Ace (Un) to Ten (Dix).

An Epee is a fencing sword (very gentlemanly) and is made as a piercing weapon. A Glaive historically is a type of polearm, but in the nineteenth century became a French poetic term for a sword. Sicles translates to Shekel.

We are proud to present the translations for Le Grand Tarot Belline by Paula Goodman (aka Firemaiden on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum), beginning with the essay on the spare card, which we are told comes from a notebook of philosophical musings, by Edmond Billaudot.

Capitalized words remain faithful to the lettering on each card.


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